FSN is the world's leading independent broadcast news agency.  For more than 25 years, the company has provided Emmy Award-winning original, customized news coverage that is seen and heard by millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and web users worldwide every day.

Headquartered in Washington DC, FSN maintains regional broadcast hubs and co-ordinating offices in London, Hong Kong, Kampala and Caracas, and news bureaus serving international broadcasters in more than 20 other locations.

FSN's content comes from the four corners of the world and is provided directly to a wide array of international TV, radio and digital news networks that subscribe to the company's services.  FSN's 30 global news bureaus are staffed by full-time, experienced and highly-skilled broadcast news professionals with decades of global experience.

Make our bureaus your bureaus and expand your network's international footprint.

For a quarter of a century, FSN has successfully redefined the role broadcast news agencies can play in the TV and radio industry.  And now, FSN LIVE is revolutionizing the provision of High Definition TV connectivity for networks worldwide.  Bring cost-effective, high quality live content to your project, via  FSN LIVE's tried-and-tested technology.

FSN works for the largest broadcast networks in the industry, and the smallest web-based outlets in the new media realm.

Whether you're looking for:

  •  rapid assistance with a fast-moving, breaking news story....
  • shooters, editors, producers or reporters in a wide array of global locations....
  • long-term planning for a documentary or current affairs project....
  • bureau support, desk space, production facilities and live studios for your network's own global correspondents and contributors....
  • a cost-effective alternative to satellite live services for news, sports or entertainment programming....
  • committed customer-service, available 24/7....


Director of Global News Coverage:  Nina Maria Potts

Head of FSN LIVE / FSN EN VIVO:  John Bevir

Head of Global Crewing / Editing:  Malcolm Brown

Director of News Coverage - Europe & Africa:  Olly Barratt

Chief Operating Officer:  Helen Searls

President and Chief Correspondent:  Simon Marks





FSN's global bureaus are available around-the-clock to cover breaking and developing news stories.  With 5 bureaus in Africa, full coverage throughout Europe, a growing presence in Latin America and journalists based across North America, the company is uniquely placed to bring your audiences compelling news and features that speak directly to your news agenda and their news interests.  FSN's award-winning reports are commissioned directly by your newsdesk, and respond directly to your news needs.  We're not in the tablets-of-stone business:  let us know what story you want covered, and we'll deliver it on-time and on-budget.

FSN's Simon Marks reported the outcome of the final Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for "Checkpoint" on Radio New Zealand via FSN LIVE.

FSN's Daniel Ryntjes reported for China Global Television Network on the reaction of one community in the US to President's Trumps's travel ban.

FSN's Mary MacCarthy reported from the scene of California's worst wildfires for decades for Turkish global network TRT World.

FSN's Juan Carlos Lamas reported the impact of Venezuela's political crisis on the country's health care system from FSN's Caracas Bureau.

From FSN's Kampala Bureau, Leon Ssenyange reported the stream of refugees heading to Uganda from the conflict in South Sudan.

FSN's Dan Ashby with one of several stories our bureau in Dar Es Salaam has filed about the battle against wildlife poaching.


FSN LIVE is a cutting edge service that has completely revolutionized the way in which news networks carry live reports from global locations, including some of the most challenging environments in the world.  FSN LIVE's proprietary service is the ONLY live service in the TV industry that delivers full HD signals over IP from studios and breaking news live positions all over the planet.  News channels turn to FSN LIVE's studios for live connections that exceed satellite quality and reduce audio latency typically experienced by broadcasters.  Whether you want a live report from thousands of miles away, or you want to bring full live coverage of a soccer game to your hometown audiences, FSN LIVE has a solution to fit your budget and technical needs.  For more information, visit



FSN RADIO delivers the world to your station's listeners.  We offer a variety of services that are updated constantly, around-the-clock.  For larger networks and radio stations, try our FSN World News Feed - a constant stream of short-form voicers, actuality cuts and wraps designed for hourly news bulletins, plus longer, single-subject updates for use in drive time programming.  Our correspondents are also always available for live updates during your prime-time programs.  For Community, Low Power, Internet and Hospital radio stations, try our FSN World News bulletins.  We offer 30-second, 3-minute and 5-minute updates that are global, cost effective and comprehensive.  Learn more about how to subscribe to FSN RADIO now.